Zeus needs your love

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This week Zeus was taken to hospital after having difficulty getting up and being unsteady when he walked.  Our veterinarian, Peter, decided Zeus needed to come into hospital.

Thanks to everyone who supported the purchase of our new trailer (and the anonymous donor who topped up the fund), we were able to move quickly.

Zeus was loaded straight into his travel crate, onto our new trailer, hooked up to the new bakkie (pick-up truck) funded by the Robert R Sprague Foundation, and was on his way.

After x-rays and tests, Peter reports that 16-year old Zeus is suffering from spondylitis, the result of captivity in the circus. He will be treated in hospital for 10-12 days, then come home with some medicines to make him feel better and get him moving around again. Peter said he finds a lot of cases of this in captive lions.

Zeus’ dearest friend, Bumba (rescued from the same circus in Colombia) is missing him. Our team has been giving Bumba extra treats and enrichment. Zeus should be home for Halloween, in time to play with pumpkins with Bumba.

Donate to our “Pumpkin Appeal”

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