A happy Halloween for our lions and tigers

Halloween is around the corner and that means special treats and fun for the 42 lions and tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary!

Last Halloween – our first one with the lions at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary – we took carved pumpkins out to them. The Cusco family, Scarc, Mahla, Amazonas and Kiara, bounded on and off the platforms with pumpkins in their mouths, trying to steal each other’s pumpkins, before hurtling off into the main habitat with their treasures.  Simba, Kesari, Chino and Coco all tried to gather as many pumpkins into one place as they could, and Easy and Shakira bounded off into the distance together playing kick-pounce-catch-pumpkin. You can see for yourself in the video below.

At the sanctuary we have huge natural habitats for the animals to roam, explore and play in, but enrichment like our Halloween pumpkins is still vital for keeping them active and engaged – their physical, mental and emotional health are all linked, just like ours.  

Will you help sponsor some pumpkins this Halloween? 

Anything extra that we raise will go towards their regular enrichment and treats for the lions and tigers including catnip sacks and boxes, pumpkins, melons, tires, plant extracts for interesting scents, platforms and dens.  The more we raise, the more fun they have!  

Donate in US $ | Donate in UK £

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