Healing the damage from a lifetime of abuse

Following a loss of appetite, we took Sombra – mother of our youngest tigers Max and Stripes – to the veterinary hospital where she was scanned, tested, and received treatment for low potassium levels, including intravenous feeding. It is likely Sombra will need supplements to help with this condition for the rest of her life. She is already on treatment to prevent her seizures (like her sisters Bimbi and Lupe), and she also has kidney problems.

Sombra, like so many of our rescued animals, is suffering the effects of relentless in-breeding (the circus was constantly breeding cubs for photo props) and lifelong malnutrition – from birth, too little and poor quality food means their bodies are not as healthy as they should be. This means they will always need extra care, and that is what they will receive at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary – loving care and a chance to live a happy life, doing the best that we can do for them.

Homecoming from the hospital

When it was time to go home from the hospital, Sombra walked straight into her travel crate as if she knew it would take her safely home to the sanctuary.

As she emerged from her travel crate, Sombra had a lovely greeting from her sisters Lupe and Bimbi. Joining Lupe on top of one of their platforms, she checked out her home and to see all was OK. She has put on some weight after starting treatment for low potassium. The CAT scan, ultrasounds and other tests Sombra underwent at the hospital, will also provide more insight into future treatments.

Rebuilding their lives

When ADI rescues circus animals, we begin to pick up the pieces. One of the reasons they can never go into the wild is that circuses and other intensive breeders create genetic problems that would be disastrous for wild populations.

The above video of Sombra’s recent hospital stay shows some of the care needed to rebuild their lives. During the coming year we hope to be developing a veterinary center at the sanctuary and are looking for sponsorship for what will be a major investment in our animal care for decades to come. Please get in touch if you can help.

A great way of supporting Sombra’s long term care is through an adoption – it makes a purrfect gift too!

To support the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary and provide Sombra and her family with a wonderful life for, we hope, many years to come. 

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