Guatemala animals home at last

In the late afternoon of Tuesday, January 21, the remaining 12 tigers and 5 lions rescued from circuses in Guatemala arrived at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

As we started to unload the animals, a fierce storm blew in. Not the welcome for the animals we had hoped!

The first animals to be released were tigers Itza and his boys Max and Stripes – who after their first cautious steps prowled opposite lengths of the huge habitat perimeter before bursting into a run when they spotted one another.

We were then forced to abandon the release of the other animals due to the worsening weather.

With the storm passing and the sun shining on a new day, it was time for the lions and remaining tigers to take their first steps into their forever homes! First were the lions Kimba, Sasha and Tomas followed by our doting lion couple Tarzan and Tanya.

Moving on to our huge Tiger Territory, which is split into separate habitats to accommodate our tiger family groups, Sasha and Kumal were released into their enclosure first – and started playing straight away with their tire swing before checking out their pool – and then Sun, Moon, Luna, Jade, Sombra, Bimbi, and Lupe.

It is so wonderful to see the animals finally at the sanctuary, this special day marking the conclusion of the ADI Operation Liberty mission, during which circus suffering was ended in yet another country.

Now, we want to give these animals a wonderful new life at our place of loving kindness.

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Adopt one of the Guatemala lions or tigers here.

Our thanks to, Dr Lo Sprague, Dr Betsy Coville and Priority Worldwide, for making the Operation Liberty Airlift possible, to Imperial Logistics for ground transportation, to the wonderful supporters who have supported the rescue mission, and the Guatemala government for passing the ban. Together, we got the animals home!

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