Help the world’s loneliest lion go home

Can you imagine being alone for five years, never hearing a voice you understand? The only world you have ever known is concrete and bars, just a few feet wide.

A group in Armenia has asked us to help Ruben, a 15-year-old male lion who is alone in a private zoo which has closed. Five years ago, some bears and other lions were relocated, but there was no room for Ruben.

Five years ago, the zoo closed, and the other animals removed. But Ruben was left behind and his world went quiet.

Your actions today can help give Ruben a chance at the same wonderful life enjoyed by our rescued lions and tigers at ADIWS. When Ruben roars, someone will roar back. He will walk on grass for the first time in his life (he is third generation captive), feel the sun on his back, the wind through his mane. Ruben will see and hear other wildlife like ground squirrels, mongoose, rabbits, hares, birds and more. He will have the freedom to choose where he wants to be, lying in the sun, or inside his den, or up on the platform watching the neighbours. The richness of life on earth will be his, for the first time.

This a major rescue and relocation with a commitment to look after Ruben for, what we hope, will be many years.

Will you help?

Donate US $ | Donate UK £

Thank you for your help in giving him the opportunity to live his golden years in peace and companionship at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, in his native Africa.


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