Valentine’s Day Gift Adoptions of our loving couples

Six adorable and loving lions and tigers who stood by each other through the hardest of times. A perfect gift for a loved one who cares about animals. Comes with:

• A personalised certificate
• Valentine’s Day card (pictured)
• A beautiful photograph of their animal couple, suitable for framing
• ADI Rescuer newsletter
• Rescue updates

Lions Leo and Muñeca (17 and 16 years old) torn apart by a circus in Peru and reunited in Africa by ADI. As ADI enforced Peru’s ban on animal circuses, Leo was saved but the circus blocked the rescue of Muñeca and went into hiding. Six months later, the illegal circus was tracked down, hundreds of miles away, in a remote desert region. Muñeca was saved. Today, they are never far apart in their almost 4-acre habitat.
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Tigers Kumal and Sasha (6 years) are our liveliest and most playful couple – arriving from a circus in Guatemala last year, the first thing they did was enjoy an epic tug of war! Despite his size, Kumal is the less confident of the two.
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Lions Tarzan and Tanya (9 and 10 years) endured 8 years in a barren cage and Tarzan suffered horrific injuries when he was attacked by a tiger in the circus in Guatemala. His lower lip healed but hangs down (we hope to get him cosmetic surgery), and tiny Tanya was left with torn ears and scars on her face and back after she valiantly defended her beloved Tarzan during the fight. They truly adore each other and Tarzan is famous for kissing Tanya’s head before they go to sleep at night.
Adopt US | Adopt UK

The adoptions pay for the specialist care these once abused animals need.

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