Everything is Possible when we work together for animals

With its uplifting and positive message, this is a t-shirt that perfectly sums up the ADI ethos – that everything is possible when it comes to helping animals.

ADI exposes and prevents the suffering of animals in entertainment, research and other industries through our start-to-finish approach which includes evidence from investigations, scientific and legal research and reports, awareness and legislative campaigns, and where possible, rescue of animals. 

It can take years to make real progress that will truly transform the lives of animals, and there are often setbacks along the way but, no matter what, we never give up. With persistence, the evidence, and our supporters by our side, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and victories can be won, saving lives.

Our world-wide Stop Circus Suffering campaign has resulted in a growing number of countries taking action to ban the use of animals in circuses – almost 50 to date! In Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and most recently Guatemala, ADI has undertaken large scale, nationwide operations to rescue the animals and enforce the law. 

Emptying every circus cage, hundreds of animals have been saved, with bears, monkeys, big cats and other animals relocated to sanctuaries, including the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, home to 42 rescued lions and tigers.

This vital work saves suffering circus animals and ensures no one else will suffer again. This is how we end a cruel industry forever. 

By purchasing one of our special Everything is Possible t-shirts you can help care for our rescued animals and continue this important work – especially during these challenging times. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the donations and grants we rely on, so this is a great way to show your support.  

Wear with pride or, give a special someone a truly inspiring gift – perfect for the holidays. 

Order yours here.

IMPORTANT: All purchases will be shipped at the end of the campaign on November 25th and will arrive between December 8th and December 17th 

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