Lion and Tiger Pumpkin Fun!

It’s Halloween again, and time for our traditional pumpkin games which were met with roars and chuffs of approval from our lion and tiger residents.

Thanks to all who collected money, bought pumpkins and ensured that our big cat community were able to join in the fun – a whole new experience for our new residents from Guatemala!

Our lions and tigers love to have new things in their enclosures, and you can see their joy as they work out how to play soccer with their pumpkins, chew them up, and smash up any hay bale structures we leave for them.

A special shout out to rowdy sisters Jade, Luna, Sun and Moon (our Spice Girls), for their truly excellent demolition of the carefully-stacked hay bale, tire and pumpkin castle built by the ADIWS team.

These are the moments we can cherish, when we see the excitement in their eyes as the games begin. Their lives changed for the better, these rescued cats now have the freedom to express themselves and show their personalities. Never to live in fear again.

To support the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, and our lions and tigers:

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