Jade checks out her new trees

March saw 24 more indigenous karee trees – sponsored by Trees for Tigers USA – planted at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. This is part of our program of re-wildling the sanctuary land with indigenous plants to encourage local wildlife and provide rich habitats for our rescued lions and tigers. The sanctuary has 455 acres, much of which was denuded by farming, so we are re-planting and giving it back to the animals. These trees are an investment that will grow and grow and provide shelter for generations of rescued animals to come – we just have to keep watering them! Jade, who was rescued from a circus in Guatemala and who lives with sisters Luna, Sun and Moon, seems to approve. Although she didn’t help by tearing up the pipes we planted to water the trees and turning them into toys for her and her Spice Girl sisters!

Tree planting at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary

When we purchased the 455 acres of land for the sanctuary in South Africa, much of it was denuded by agriculture and grazed out. As well as building the habitats for our rescued lions and tigers, we have been steadily re-wilding the land, seeing an explosion in wildflowers, wildlife, birds, insects and this week we are planting 24 more large trees thanks to the generous support of Trees for Tigers USA run by ADIWS founders, Tom and Carolyn Long. Trees for Tigers USA have the great mission of providing trees and enrichment for sanctuaries and have previously purchased numerous trees for ADIWS and the materials for many of our platforms.

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