Here comes the summmer!

Yes, while many ADI supporters are wrapping up for winter, today is the second day of summer at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. It’s the time of year when Africa, pictured, and the other lions and tigers sprawl out and snooze in the morning sunshine on their platforms. Only when it gets really hot will she head to the shade under the trees, below the platform or in her house. Saved from a circus in Peru, we can’t turn back the clock but we can give animals like Africa a life as close to what nature intended for her. Today, that means lazing in the African sunshine and as the day cools and the sun sets, patrolling Davis Habitat with sister Kiara2.

To adopt Africa and help with her lifetime care she deserves:

PS: The Giving Tuesday target of Phase 1 to bring Ruben, the Armenian lion, to the sanctuary has been hit. THANK YOU

Roads for lions and tigers

When it rains in South Africa, it pours! Our habitats are green and lush and our natural wells feeding the residents’ habitats are full, but with more rains than usual this year, WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM. Our lion and tiger habitats cover over 60 acres and are connected by almost two miles of internal dirt roads, which are becoming increasingly churned up and on certain days, some are impassable.

Roads may not seem as exciting as flights or new habitats for rescued animals, but they are vital for lifelong feeding and daily care. Without these roads, we will be unable to add habitats to rescue more animals and run the risk of being prevented from getting a sick lion or tiger to hospital during heavy rains.

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Sunset with the Cusco family

Good night from the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. Could there be a better way to finish the day? These lions, Amazonas, Mahla, Kiara1 and Scarc, rescued from circus cages in Peru certainly don’t think so! Refreshed with summer rains the Sanctuary is at its most beautiful and our work re-wildling and encouraging the wild flowers to flourish is paying off, flowers, bees, butterflies and other wildlife are everywhere.

After months of travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Jan and Tim returned to the Sanctuary this week and enjoyed this greeting from the family rescued over seven years ago, a reminder of why we built a sanctuary in Africa. We hope to be starting Facebook live from the Sanctuary again soon after a long absence!

This beautiful landscape is why the summer rains are so welcome, but it also brings its challenges. Our natural lion and tiger habitats cover over 70 acres. Access is almost entirely by dirt roads, which become less and less useable with every rain storm. We have lots of lovely life-giving water above and below ground, and it is creating streams across the land. We urgently need to lay gravel on our most important roads, as well as some small bridges, to allow the natural water courses to flow to the lake. Our roads are vital to take food, medicines and other supplies to the animals, for veterinary care and for general safety and security monitoring. Can you help? If you can buy a road (or a bridge) for the animals, you can choose its name! You will be remembered forever. Roads are more exciting than you may think! They are the veins which bring life across the Sanctuary. Why not sponsor a road (or a bridge!), today? It’s $4,000 to sponsor and name an entire internal road.