Loving lions on Valentine’s Day

A very happy Valentine’s day from everyone at ADI and the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

Enjoy Tarzan and Tanya showing the incredible love and loyalty these animals have for each other. They went through hell in a Guatemalan circus but they got their happy ending at ADIWS.

Thank you to all the ADI supporters who made it possible through donations and adoptions.

Adopt Tarzan and Tanya: US $ | UK £

Lion Kisses

Tarzan and Tanya on a sunny Sunday morning at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. In a week when ADI supporters all over the world have felt the heartbreak of the loss of our dear spectacled bear Cholita at 33 years old, we wanted to give you something to smile about. A reminder of how precious the years, you help us give to these animals, are something of the life they lost. Tarzan and Tanya were rescued from a circus in Guatemala, they faced hell together and now enjoy a life of peace and freedom. They adore each other and make it clear they would protect each other to the end.

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