A Ticket To Thrive for an animal saved from circus suffering

A lifetime of suffering in the circus takes its toll. When ADI empties the cages and helps enforce national laws to end a whole industry, the animals saved require lifelong care and veterinary attention to deal with their physical and psychological damage. 

At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, we are currently caring for 42 lions and tigers, all bar one rescued from circuses in South America. Most have been cruelly mutilated through declawing. Many came into our care with broken teeth, dental treatment relieving them of years of pain. Others require ongoing medication and supplements to deal with health conditions caused through inbreeding and the long-term effects of their past abuse, confinement, and deprivation. To provide this, and to give these animals who have suffered so much the best possible life, we are reliant on our supporters and the public. 

This GivingTuesday – a global day of generosity taking place on December 1st – can you donate $10 / £8 for a Ticket To Thrive to care for one of our rescued animals for one day? You can do so through our dedicated donate page (for the UK click here) or our GivingTuesday Facebook fundraiser.

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