Rescue documentary Lion Ark – now available to stream

ADI’s Lion Ark movie is streaming on EarthStream for the first time, and available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Every subscription helps raise funds for our rescued animals at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

Lion Ark is a feel-good, empowering story of the most ambitious and daring animal rescue of its kind. ADI secured a ban on animal circuses in Bolivia following a two-year undercover investigation across South America. Then the law had to be enforced. Across vast, hostile terrains the illegal circuses were tracked down, the animals saved, brought to safety, and reached a joyous finale as 25 lions are airlifted to freedom in the US.

With no facilities for many of the banned circus animals in Bolivia, ADI undertook an unprecedented operation, setting up a temporary rescue unit to receive animals, raiding every circus, and emptying every cage. ADI rescued and relocated 29 lions and rehomed monkeys and other animals in Bolivia. The success of Operation Lion Ark and its popularity triggered animal circus bans throughout Latin America and beyond. Since then, ADI has carried out similar missions in Colombia, Peru (rescuing over 100 animals and flying 33 lions to South Africa), and Guatemala (relocating over 20 lions and tigers to the US and South Africa). The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary is built for our circus survivors and others.

Lion Ark took the film festival circuit by storm – it premiered at London’s Raindance, California Film Institute’s Mill Valley Film Festival, and in Italy, at Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival, Turin, and then for TV in Cannes, France. The documentary was selected for over 20 film festivals around the world, winning 11 awards. It was also the first animal rights film to be nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding International Motion Picture – the first time for an animal protection film in the prestigious civil rights awards.

Lion Ark has been broadcasted in over 40 countries, including places like China and Iran, where spreading the animal rights message is so important. Our greatest success has been in Latin America, where Animal Planet repeatedly screened Lion Ark in Spanish and in Brazil where Discovery screened a Portuguese version. The film screened theatrically in the US, UK, South Africa, and Bolivia, as well as the US Congress, Bolivian Congress, Pennsylvania State Congress, and in Canada, Austria, Poland, and the Italian Senate (leading up to the country’s ban on animal circuses). It was also shown in secondary schools in Italy.

EarthStream is an ethical platform supporting non-profits helping animals, with 25% of EarthStream’s revenues donated. There are no advertisements, no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. $30 from an annual subscription and $6 from monthly subscriptions will directly benefit ADI’s rescue efforts and the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

Lion Ark’s great strength has always been its positive message – the animals win. It opened everyone’s eyes to the behind-the-scenes suffering, encouraging and empowering others to act. Following the vote to ban animal circuses in the Congress of Guatemala, the Head of the Government’s Animal Welfare Division was pondering the fate of the animals. That night he watched Lion Ark on Animal Planet and the following day he called ADI for help. In 2020, ADI completed the mission to remove the animals from Guatemala’s circuses, flying 17 tigers and lions to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

How it can help ADI if you subscribe and watch Lion Ark

As a special promotion, for every subscription made though the Lion Ark page, $30 (normally $20) from every annual subscription will directly benefit our rescued animals.
$30 will buy:

– A pair of bolt cutters to cut an animal free from their cage or chains.

– Provide soft hay bedding for ten shelters for the circus survivors at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary (ADIWS).

– Build 3ft of fencing for a lion habitat at ADIWS – that’s like giving a rescued lion their first step to freedom into a 2.5+ acre habitat.

– Fuels an ADIWS firefighter for a month, helping ADIWS put out wildfires in the area and keep animals safe.

You can also invite family or friends with gift subscriptions:

– 3 subscriptions will buy a 500mm ball for a tiger to play with.

– 15 subscriptions will build a large platform for a lion or tiger to bask in the sunshine and watch the world go by.

See Lion Ark and support ADI’s rescue work.

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